Here are some videos to watch - of course, there is plenty more where that came from!

Getting to know you a little bit...

What would you answer to each question?

Youtube Edu This is where you can find educational videos on every subject under the sun. You can find thousands on videos on learning English, but, more importantly, an even larger number of videos on subjects related to your degree course, your interests, etc. Essential viewing!

A further selection of videos:

How to spot a liar!


Would it be easier to detect lies with a polygraph?

Do you enjoy watching videos? Check out the following link for videos that help you practice your English:
Real English Videos ; here you can watch & practice different every-day situations

. Here is a short video showing you where each accent is predominant; as the speaker changes accents in mid-sentence you have "to be on the ball.."

A more "relaxed journey" of British Accents can be found on "Anglophenia", which is a BBC website for Americans.. 17 Accents.

We believe Americans are not stupid... Is this video realistic? Would you be able to answer all the questions (be honest!)? What are the stereotypes embedded in your mind for other nationalities?

The following site has an incredible collection of speeches and talks by some of the most brilliant minds around. Quite advanced, but there are subtitles available on most videos. Each talk will give you food for thought and a wide range of vocab to analyze at your leisure and there are more than 600 to choose from.. Watch it once without subtitles, or maybe several times like that, then switch to subtitles in English and watch it again. Still lost? Well, if you're lucky, it's even got subtitles in Spanish for the weak at heart. In fact, for most talks you can even download the tapescript.

TED; ideas worth spreading

; Here is one example of a TED talk: Grit, the key to success. What makes a good learner?

Qualtrics. Have you got what it takes to learn English (or any other subject, for that matter..)?

. How to make a difference in your community.

Teaching with TED. A website where different teachers contribute ideas to on how to expand on TED talks. A very wide range of subjects, interesting not only to learners of English.

TED talks selected by students for students. There are many websites that offer a selection of TED talks for specific purposes, such as Business, Education, etc. This is an example of one of them.

Horrible histories; fantastic series to explain history with a sense of humour. Intermediate level and upwards.

The one and only remedy against disaster, a cup of tea ("cuppa cha").

If you enjoyed that - I certainly did - you might want to have a look at the "making of".

Watch the video once, then watch it again after clicking on "captions".

RELAX, REPEAT; REMEMBER. Yo, check this out man!

Sketches for classroom use.