Here are links with dictionaries, grammar references, etc. to help you find an answer for the things you always wanted to know about English, but were afraid to ask!

Monolingual Dictionary and Pronunciation Here you can look up words and check how they are pronounced at the same time!

Traditional M&W Visual Dictionary A great tool for learning subject related vocabulary.

Visual Dictionary And here is one that moves.. if you think dictionaries are boring, try this and be dazzled - not for the faint-hearted!

Linguee Looking at words in context. See also "Specific Purposes"

Grammar Monster Although intended for native speakers, you will be able to find many answers to your grammar doubts here (level B1+)

Grammar Lounge For all levels, but especially good for Beginners.


TEFL pedia Another reference site, more suitable for lower levels as well (A2+). Apart from answering your questions about grammar and use of English it also has a list of websites where you can study English for free.

Pronunciation helper Although you can check the pronunciation of new words automatically on M& or other dictionary sites, this site can also be useful.

English at Home Contains Clearly presented grammar help as well as a range of other activities.