Here are links to sites that allow you to download podcasts to listen to on your computer or MP3 player. Most of these sites let you download the podcasts free of charge, but will ask you to become a member if you want to use the worksheets or transcript. Personally, I think listening to the different podcasts (again and again!) is sufficient practice, but if you feel you need extra help with your listening comprehension it might be an option.

British Council Elementary Podcasts Let's start with some easy stuff. Totally free too! The same site also has video and written material. This website has three levels and an enormous variety of subjects. Highly recommended.

BBC English 6 Minutes The old Beeb strikes again! Interesting podcasts with questions, vocabulary, etc. all for free!

Academic Podcasts. A list of sites where you can find podcasts on many "academic subjects" as well as "general interest" ones.

Randall's Lab. This site is good for practice on how to answer questions about interviews, dialogues, etc. Very useful for the FGUMA exams..

TED Audio talks. You can find a lot of information on TED on the Video page, but did you know they have audio talks too?

Down to business Engish. What's happening in the world of business and international politics?

University of Iowa. There are, of course, many more sites - e.g. the university of Iowa has a page with many more links to check out.