So how can I study English if I haven't got time..? Simple; just do what you always do for a hobby, but do it in English. Here is a collection of links that will bring you to a wide variety of websites or activities connected to different hobbies. Lots of fun to be had and every taste catered for; check them out!

Sporcle Do you like quizzes, word games, trivia? Time well wasted on this website. Who said what, why and when? No time to read? Listen to it instead!

Poetry This website offers you a great selection of poetry - most of them read out aloud, so you can listen as well as read.

tune into English absolutely something for everyone! For more song-related activities, see the separate "Song" page.

filmsite Play it Sam, play it for old time's sake...

learnenglishfeelgood No specific hobby, but you like games? Have a look at this one.

English Attack A new site that offers a wide variety of games and support materials. Looks interesting, but might just be your typical portal to a paid site. Let me know what you think!

simpleenglishnews It's difficult enough to understand what's happening in the world today, so let's keep it simple.

breaking news News articles adapted to various levels, with exercises and vocabulary.

Local Newspapers in English Here is one example of a local newspaper that is also edited in English. You can pick up several newspapers like this for free at various shops or petrol stations around Malaga. Knowing the stories and the protagonists does help to understand the articles.

The Local News and features about Spain in English - well-written and entertaining, in my opinion anyway.

proverbs Confused by English proverbs and sayings? There is illumination at the termination of the subterranean excavation! This page allows you to have some fun with proverbs - you might even want to try and learn a few by heart.

Pub Quiz Do you enjoy a bit of Trivial Pursuit? Morrisey's Pub in Malaga (C/ Mendez Nuñez) has a bilingual quiz/"trivial pursuit" night several times a week (Monday and Tuesday). Excellent opportunity to meet native speakers and put your English to the test!

Language Exchange Malaga "Pachange" organizes language exchange meetings three times a week in different parts of Malaga. Apart from their meetings, they also organize special events from time to time. A cheap and enjoyable way of practising, highly recommended!

La Casa Invisible/Muelle Uno Every Wednesday evening a large group of international students and expats meet up in the patio of the Casa Invisible to exchange language and information with local residents or visitors of Malaga. The patio of the Casa Invisible has a great atmosphere and the evenings are always lively and fun. Just go there at around 21.00 and ask for Brian, he will hook you up with some other people pronto! Note: in winter they meet at bar ArteSano in Muelle Uno, which has an added incentive for art-lovers.

Practice with Erasmus students. Join the activities organized by ESN at Malaga University, or even better, offer your services as an assistant/guide for foreign students at your university.

InMadrid Find out what's happening in your town; find other people wanting to practice English and increase your fluency while (or thanks to) having a pint in one of the many Irish Pubs around Madrid.

EuropeanVibe The other magazine, directed at younger people, but interesting for those who like to party.. This is where the "Erasmus crowd" hooks up.

Real English free lessons with lively videos

Hungry for practice? Any motivational issues? Not sure about your objectives? Try this: feed people by practising your English!

Talking of food.. Do you often find you do not have the ingredients necessary for a recipe? Why not try to do things the other way round? Supercook asks you what you have in your fridge (er.. one measly carrot and a chicken leg...) and will give you dozens of recipes based on what is available; try it out and find that cooking does not need to be expensive!

Hotforwords Well, nothing will motivate you, I hear you say.. Have you tried Marina Orlova?

MrDuncan OK, ok, I promised the ladies something sexy as well. This is Mr Duncan, God's answer to your prayers.... (ok, I'm kidding, but the lessons are actually very effective!)

Kids Got children? Teaching is the most effective way of learning...

Nursery Rhymes This is one of the many ways through which children learn their own language; so why not dig out your inner child?! The sillier the nursery rhyme, the more effective it is!

British Council Nursery Rhymes These ones come with video. Check out "the small print" on the "Learning Strategies" Page to find out why Nursery Rhymes can be an effective help for adult language learners!