Self-study for B1/B2 Here you will find links to exercises you can do at home and that allow you to correct yourself. Find your level to see if there is anything of your interest, or, alternatively, start with an exercice on a subject of your interest and move on to a higher level from there. Many links will allow you to move directly to a home page with an overview of all levels available; there are literally hundreds of hours of material to use at your leisure.

ThoughtCo Excellent website with a wide range of subjects. Check out the articles on "How to improve your English" and "Effective Study Techniques" before you start!

English Grammar Games Concise explanations and exercises to test yourself before or afterwards.

Pronunciation At times it's hard to recognize or to produce all sounds of the English language; the only remedy is, of course, to listen frequently, but if you have any specific doubts this page might help!

Natural Reader Here you can upload a short text to check out how it would sound if read by a native speaker - not bad for a computer program!

Phrasal Verbs Everyone's favourite verbs! This is one of many websites that deal with the subject, but it has a great database you can search for the most common phrasal verbs and their collocations.

BBC EnglishPossibly the most comprehensive website on the internet & it's free!

How Now Brown Cow Amusing video to check out your pronunciation.

Pronunciation errors This is an amusing collection of extracts from films or TV programmes where native speakers are struggling with the pronunciation of their own language...

Here is an exercice you can do to test how familiar you are with verb and preposition combinations. Once you have completed the sentences, you can look for the answers in the next file: .

MORE PREPOSITIONS A quick quiz on prepositions in film titles. You can find hundreds more quizzes on different subjects on the same website.

The self-study section contains quite a lot of exercises on the use of definite/indefinite articles (the, a/an), but here is a very extensive list of rules and exceptions that might help you as well:


Articles in a nutshell:


A website that seems very helpful on the subject of word-order:
Word Order

Quizlet. Do you have a very "visual" memory? Maybe this site can help you to expand your vocabulary faster.


Apps. There are many apps available to practise with on your smart-phone. You can check out Duolingo, which you can find out more about on the link provided here. There are many others, e.g. the British Council, Real English, and a long etc. Check out their websites for more information, or download the apps directly from the Apple or Google Play Store. Now you will be able to do something useful while waiting for that bus!

Quiz Your English App .. and if you would like to share your practice with other people, this app might be of interest too.

Free English lessons. A wide variety of lessons, using video, mp3, pdf, etc.

TEFL NetSite for TEFL teachers, but with some interesting material for students as well.

Collocations! An inventive way to help you remember collocations.

Idioms An amusing quiz to test your knowledge of English idioms; upper-intermediate level. Another interesting idea by Cristina Cabal, whose teaching blog is worth checking out!