Here you will find links to websites, videos, etc. that could be of help for specific types of English, such as English for Presentations, Meetings, Negotiations, etc.


presentation skills check out this video and other related videos on the tube!

10 Rules for a good presentation There are, of course, many "do's and dont's" on the subject of Presentations or Speeches, but this particular list is quite concise and to the point.


entrepreneurs see this link for an interesting collection of lectures and talks given by a host of different and sometimes very famous entrepreneurs. Listen to the people that started The Bodyshop, EasyJet, etc. and pick up some ideas.


Wall Street Journal Free practice, provided by one of the most prestigious business newspapers.


secondary education Lesson plans and ideas for teachers at bilingual secondary schools; history, biology, geography, etc. Not expensive to subscribe, but lots of free samples as well.

energy kids Global warming and the use of alternative energy sources are "hot subjects"; here is one of the many websites designed for pupils and teachers that offers quizes, puzzles, etc. for use in the classroom.

Economics A clear explanation of how some parts of our economic system work, quite suitable for lower levels. This video caused quite a controversy in the States, where the author was immediately classified as a "pinko-liberal-commie-scumbag". Judge for yourself..

DIY My students are too much! I asked them to set up a wee blog and they go and upstage this modest wikispace... Have a look at what you can do as a group of students, sharing ideas and working together to improve your English - this example is from the "Curso de Consejeria" of the Comunidad de Madrid. Good job!

Free Courses! Doing a degree in Science or Arts? Would you like to improve your English and study something useful for your degree at the same time? This is the place!

Khan Academy From Maths to World History, this website has something for any one with an inquisitive mind.


if you can't find it here it doesn't exist This is, of course, not the only wikispace dedicated to learning English, teaching, etc. Here is another example of all the possibilities available on the web. Some are the same links you have already seen here, but there are hundreds more...